Designer Brows

What is Designer Brows?

Designer Brows is a consulting training offered by Phibrows Academy. Artists learn to identify facial shapes , skin type, Facial features and along with a detailed style analysis design each client a unique shape for their brows that will enhance their face.

Phibrows Tecniques

Phibrows academy offers a variety of techniques ranging from Powder Brows, BoldBrows, Phibrows, Latin Brows and Breezy Brows. Each technique is created to meet the needs of semi-permanent eyebrow needs. Designer Brows offers an intensive training to identify which technique is ideal for the client.

Why is Designer Brows important?

In beauty rarely is there a one size fits all. As Microblading Artist we need to identify the needs of each client. Not just what they like, but also what shape will enhance their face.

Designer Brows & Style

I have a questionnaire that identifies which style each client identifies with. After a consult where we analyze their face shape, skin type and style I offer a digital eyebrow proposal before your appointment free of charge.

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